November 25, 2014 michaelhanson

What Type of Video Content Should I Create For My Business?


What exactly is video content marketing?” I get asked this question quite often.

In generic terms, content marketing means creating and spreading valuable content which is shareable with the aim to get yourself at the forefront of potential leads which further on the cycle could turn into income-generating clients for your business. The idea is to create content which is relevant to your business.

With video becoming more and more popular due to the boom of the digital era, here are a few video content ideas that can help get you started:

1) FAQs

  • Creating content around the top frequently asked questions about or to your business is a really good one because they save a lot of time having to address the same questions over and over again. At the same time, FAQ’s provide people rich information about your business, service, or product.

2) Your Why (Why you do business / Why you do what you do)

  • Many businesses and entrepreneurs tend to hide behind their corporate logo. What they fail to realise is that over the years, buyers have evolved and have gone numb to regurgitated and push-selly content marketing efforts. People love working with people and they want to work with someone who they can feel a connection to. Focusing on your “why” humanises and grounds your business while creating a magnetic connection with your ideal target market.

3) Your Fight

  • Regardless what type of business you are or what type of product / service you offer, you best bet that there are hundreds of others offering similar stuff to the same market that you’re aiming to get noticed by. One of the best ways to effectively stand against your competition is to talk about what it is that you’re fighting to change and what is it that you do to work towards that change.

4) Contribution Stories

  • Before making the go ahead with any product, service, or business offering – more often than not, buyers will be right at the fence trying to seek out something to pull them across. What can be more effective than showcasing what you can contribute through real life stories spoken from the voice of happy customers. These could come in forms of case studies or client testimonials.

5) Stay Relevant

  • Always be on the look out for any news or issues around and within your industry and try to stay on top of them. Creating content about these general concerns, questions, and issues will really help in positioning you to be seen as someone who has a sound opinion on matters relating to the industry.

Watch my video response:

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