March 2, 2015 michaelhanson

Twitter Implements In-App Video Sharing

Twitter recently added a video feature that allows users to share their story in 3 simple steps (shoot > edit > share) – all of which can be done from within the app itself. This new mobile video feature from Twitter allows its users to share footage up to 30 seconds long (beat that Instagram and Vine!).

The new video feature comes together with the announcement of group direct messaging capabilities which are also to be made available with the app. While video sharing is nothing new to Twitter, this new addition adds value to its user experience – capturing and sharing what’s hot and happening right here, right now… Not only does this new feature promise to invite more new users but also it has a very high potential of rekindling its relationship with existing users to spend more time on the app.

To use the video feature on the Twitter app, press the icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and it goes to the camera app in your smartphone. You can toggle between a single shot or a video by pressing the record button for as long as you want to record a video and let go off the button to pause the video. You can shoot and pause a few times before you get all that you needed to share and pressing the ‘Done’ button on the top will share the video you shot with the text you want to add. You can edit the videos as well with a simple drag and drop function to remove the clips you don’t want and share the best clips. One tap and your video is shared with the Twitter community.

With this feature being quite new, we don’t really know what the future holds for it. It won’t be a few months until we start hearing some more substantial reviews in comparison to its current competitors (YouTube, Vine, etc) though it will be interesting to see if this enhancement would increase Twitter usage for current and new users. For us though, we’re glad to see big companies such as Twitter embracing the power of video and how users can communicate with it.