May 1, 2015 michaelhanson

Your Story Is Everything!

Here’s a quote from Fertility First on our latest film:

The one thing that breaks my heart about the reproductive industry is the fact that it’s called an industry in the first place. It is no longer about helping couples who got a problem solve their problem – in this case have a baby.  – Dr. Anne Clark, Fertility First Sydney

The hardest part in making a film is not in shooting the perfectly-lit shot or colour grading Hollywood-style films (there’s plenty of that out there); the hardest part is in finding a story that’s worth sharing – the moment me and the client find it, the story flows like a river and everything starts to come alive. We here at MHTV believe (and have been saying for years) that once you know and own your story it becomes the biggest currency you own as this becomes the centrepiece of all your business communication and marketing.

The hardest part in making a film is in finding a story worth sharing. Click To Tweet

The hardest story to tell is your own, which is why our clients come to us for support. They don’t hire us for our glamour shots skills or our editing talents, they come to us because of our vision which is to help find their story. Our job as a storyteller isn’t to write the story for our clients but to dig deep and remind them of what they already know… it is after all their story NOT ours.

– M