January 12, 2015 michaelhanson

Stop Trying To Make Your Videos Go Viral!

The Strike video is MHTV’s latest project – a campaign that was fun and really enjoyable to direct and shoot.

One of the things that we’re finding is that a lot of companies are wanting to go viral with their videos. What I feel companies should be working on more is creating targeted educational videos that connect and build trust in the marketplace which doesn’t necessarily have to scream worldwide domination. Where I feel these type of videos work really well is with their current market and future prospects.

Before we go into any project, we always work out what the purpose is of the film. While it would be cool for a video to go viral and take the world by storm, what we prefer to focus more on is the strategy and creativity behind it. How are we targeting people? Does it humanise and ground the business? Does the video educate and entertain? Does it bring meaning and connection to people? Is it fun or interesting? These are the qualities that we try to bring to any project we take on board.

Not all videos go viral due to the very fact that viral videos are dependent on things such as luck and perfect timing. Looking at videos that have gone viral – most of them are funny home videos which people simply forget about over time.

In creating video content, I feel that there should always be at least one out of three concepts that you should be looking out for — it should either be fun, interesting, or meaningful. The latest project Strike was a fun piece which is going to be used to educate and entertain their current and new product resellers.

At times like these where we get to create stories around a piece of plastic that holds a phone, it reminds us how stories add great value to businesses. This for Strike makes it difficult for competitors to replicate their product as it amplifies their character and brings meaning to their brand.