January 26, 2015 michaelhanson

STOP PUSHING YOUR SH*T ON ME: How To Attract High-Paying Clients

What gives a product, service or idea high-value? How do you know it’s worthy of the price tag? How do you know you can trust the business? How do you communicate and demonstrate high value for your products, services or idea?

The other day, my girl was out seeking for a rental property for us in Brisbane. What really bugged me was that I was late due to the massive traffic on the M1 and the real estate agent kept on saying “it’s yours” to her without even waiting for us to look at the place together. All I could sense was this desperate sales pitch where she kept on saying “I can’t wait any longer”, and that “she had to go”, and that “she’s going on a holiday for 2 weeks”, so we should sign straight away. She also kept adding pressure by saying to us that the property has not yet been opened to the public but once it does, it will go fast! I was definitely put off by the approach. As I was speaking to my girl on speakerphone ( stuck in traffic ), the agent could hear from the tone of my voice that I was about to walk away – when she felt it, she suddenly found the time to wait for me. When I got there, all my mind could focus on was finding the flaws that this lady could potentially be hiding. I felt my eyes instantly looking at all the negative aspects of the house. After she felt I didn’t want the property, she found more time to show us another one – the whole process for me just felt off. In the end I felt she was trying to help us but at the back of my heart, I didn’t like her approach at all. I was just put off and in the end I didn’t sign for a thing.

Honesty and integrity always goes a long way. It wouldn’t have mattered much if the agent was truthful enough in sharing her challenges in getting the property sold or rented out because (ie.) there’s a small problem with the boiler room (I would have instantly felt that she was authentic), while telling us stories about how we could potentially love and connect with the home as she recalls previous tenants telling her about the exact same kookaburras who would play by the veranda every morning… or how it would be so amazing for someone like me to be living so close to the CBD for business… or how it would further enhance my creativity for my film work being surrounded with rich, lush trees and wildlife. The agent failed to do any research or even ask me about our lifestyle ( felt like one giant rush job ). If she had, she would have had the perfect sales “pitch” without sounding so needy and push-selly. Getting to know your client helps you in effectively finding the perfect stories to help them connect with your product, service or idea. We as humans have a strong need for connection.

Where I believe a business can demonstrate true value is through its people. For us at MHTV, it’s never the Company that grabs our interest (too many companies are selling the same sh*t) we’re always seeking to know the people behind the companies that come to us. It always fills our hearts getting to know the souls driving the business – we want to know what inspires them about their craft, how their passion got ignited, how they built their processes, what it means to them to serve their customers, and why they got into it in the first place. The challenge is: How do you display or show that? Do you push it hard onto people? or Do you pull them in with a real, day to day story? Telling versus showing makes a huge difference – people don’t like being sold nor pitched to; People are much smarter than that, they want to feel that they can trust you and that they can connect with your purpose and the meaning of the things that you do. ( this is the true way of communicating high value in my opinion )

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When I used to work for a phonebook “advertising company”, I dealt with over 800 businesses in both the UK and Australia where every business was just constantly competing against one another for space in a page of a book. Over time, I gained a huge insight as to how most businesses just “push the sale” and hope for the best. What concerned me with this was that it didn’t really demonstrate “high value” and that it just screams how much you want to make sales just for the sake of generating revenue. Once the audience senses this, the “price race” is quickly driven to the bottom – your service just becomes a “bake off” of who will get the sale based on the lowest price. Meanwhile, your competitor has taken the time to connect with their audience through stories of their “people” in a more “meaningful way” – they stay away from all the “price talk” but rather focus on the quality and service offered and how these can truly help their clients.

I believe that behind every business is a human, a soul, and a reason why they do what they do. One of the greatest things I have learned from being in marketing for over 10 years is that the audience wants to feel that they can trust you, that they can connect with you, and that you genuinely care. Stories structured in the right way can communicate your sales message effectively – they work like magnets when done right as it pulls people in and does the groundwork for demonstrating your true value.

More on this next week… Happy Australia Day!!!
– M.