January 19, 2015 michaelhanson

The Pros (and Cons) of Video Production in Brisbane

Often times, I find that many Brisbane-based businesses fall short in terms of putting a number of important factors into consideration when planning for their corporate videos. These factors are as critically important as determining your story as they contribute a lot towards smooth-sailing video productions which will partially determine your end result.


When doing video production in Brisbane…

  1. Heavy car traffic is always imminent. Traffic is one of the biggest frustrations for any city-going person. While this is true, you want this to be the least of your worries while you’re deep into video production mode which is why location research and mapping out destination points ahead of time serves critically important.
  2. The weather can dramatically change in a matter of hours. Brisbane has proclaimed itself as the “Sunshine City”; while you get sun and heat around here as good as it gets, the expectations fall short the moment heavy rains start pouring in on a beautiful day. If you’re filming outdoors, this can be a major setback, much worse – can pose as a danger to expensive filmmaking equipment. Sudden weather changes can also greatly impact the quality and progress of your production – thunderstorms can ruin perfectly good audio, while excessive sun can kick you right off the balance with natural lighting if shooting outdoors. Make sure you check your weather forecasts a week ahead of your production day, and then again 24 hours prior to the shoot (yes – that’s how dramatic the change can be sometimes). Here are some references that we use ourselves:
  3. 24 hour forecast, real time cloud watch

    Brisbane 7-day weather forecast

  4. You get to experience some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Brisbane has very easy access to scenic spots such as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast where some the most beautiful beaches can be found.
  5. Capturing aerial shots can sometimes be more challenging than the task itself. With a major airport situated in the northside of the city, a consideration you must take is to not shoot within 5 miles of it if you wish the authorities off your case. The CASA also does not allow for flying of drones near people or where they can potentially cause property damage which is why it is vital that you find yourself a CASA certified operator. For more information about, you can visit the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s website here.
  6. You have access to nice looking, yet low cost hotels, beautiful architecture, and city landmarks – a resource that we always tell our clients to take advantage of. A great example is when ANZ New Zealand once came to us for filming support in Brisbane which happened just right in time for the G20 Summit in the Brisbane CBD. It was a nightmare for the client as offices were on total lockdown, they were on a strict timeline, but didn’t have any place to film. Great thing for hotels – we got them booked into a fairly priced hotel within the city which had a beautiful view as a backdrop. Some other notable city landmarks are listed below:
  • Story Bridge
  • Brisbane River
  • Brisbane Botanic Gardens
  • Brisbane Anzac Memorial
  • Anzac Square
  • Roma Street Parklands
  • Ekka Ferris Wheel
  • Old Windmill (a convict-built structure in Wickham Terrace)

So for your upcoming film, just follow these simple tips and guidelines, and you’re sure to have an eventful and memorable Brisbane video production experience.