Every filmmaker has a story to tell about their journey to creative freedom and for Michael Hanson, Humanize You’s founder, the tale is one of an archetypally familiar hero.  His fork in the road came with a life-changing medical diagnosis for his son.  Insert the conflict of a management engineered evaporation of his corporate marketing role, and Michael found himself opened up to possibilities and the challenge of what to do. The innate human need to create meaningful work and make a difference found fertile ground and was given full heed.   Using film as his medium, Michael set about sparking deeper connections with markets by guiding businesses and brands to a more evolved way of marketing their messages.

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If I could Trouble You to get out of your BMW…

“Sometimes no matter how successful we get, we still don’t feel fulfilled. I have had the privilege of meeting some real money makers in my time as a director. When I was interviewing Peter to do this film I felt every word he said, sometimes we neglect the people that matter most and as a result we end up feeling empty when success arrives. This film is a reminder that we must stay true to ourselves by staying connected to ourselves. We get caught up in the “outer” to fill us up, money, achievements, Read more