The Pros (and Cons) of Video Production in Brisbane

Often times, I find that many Brisbane-based businesses fall short in terms of putting a number of important factors into consideration when planning for their corporate videos. These factors are as critically important as determining your story as they contribute a lot towards smooth-sailing video productions which will partially determine your end result.

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Location Can Make or Break Your Film

Location, location, location — perhaps you’ve heard of phrase enough and may wonder what it actually means. In the film business, location is a crucial part of the whole process of making a successful film. Location selection can increase or decrease the value of any film produced which makes scouting an integral part of ensuring the success of your film, however this can certainly pose as a great challenge for some.

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Could Apple’s iPhone 6 Be a New Filmmaking Breakthrough?

Apple experienced another record-breaking weekend upon the release of the latest installments of the iPhone. With sales of over 10 million devices in a just a few days, we have been intrigued to have a closer look at what makes the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus so special.

Jumping on the bandwagon of larger screen sizes, resulting in better overall user experience, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus offers 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches of display respectively. This sets them at par with the larger handsets competitor Android has been offering for awhile now. Besides larger screens, what is it that really sets these phones a part from previous models? As a filmmaker and photography enthusiast, I can’t help but get excited about the impressive photo and video specifications Apple has developed with their latest offerings.

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From Cabinets To The Canon Of Storytelling

Ernest Hemingway once stated, “The hardest thing to do is to write straight honest prose on human beings. First you have to know the subject; then you have to know how to write. Both take a lifetime to learn, and anybody is cheating who takes politics as a way out. All the outs are too easy, and the thing itself is too hard to do.”

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The Importance of Celebrity Power For Business


Photo: Richard Gosling | Source: News Corp Australia

The other day, as I was walking by The Pines, a local shopping centre in the Gold Coast, I noticed a commotion taking place (this is a place that’s usually a bit more quiet). As I looked closer I realised what was taking place was filming for San Andreas 3D which stars wrestling legend, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It was apparent that the nearby shops were certainly loving the attraction as hundreds of people came lining up just to see “The Rock” (more people = more business for them).

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Love Child

“Back in the 60’s, people look down on certain things in society – I was an 8 year old when I found out that I was a love child. My mother and her lover were going to immigrate to New Zealand but they didn’t follow their hearts. Even in today’s society, there’s still people who are discriminated against; still waiting for equality. I think when two people are in love – regardless who they are or where they’re from they’re entitled to that happiness… the happiness maybe that my mother missed out on.”

William Moran, Marriage Celebrant
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What Everybody Should Know About How To Measure ROI With Their Video Production Investment

People looking to create their own corporate video often come to me with the same question – How can i justify my video production investment? ROI doesn’t necessarily have to equal a dollar figure, but in some cases they do. My response is usually really simple as measuring online video Return On Investment (ROI) is not much different than traditional marketing.

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How Much Does a Video Cost?


One of the biggest questions we get asked in filmmaking is — “How much will it cost me to get a video done?”

Those who are quite new to video production often think that a video is just like a typical off-the-shelf product with a set price tag to it ( in some cases it can be ). Video production can differ in price from story to story as you may want just a 30 second face-to-camera piece Read more