Every filmmaker has a story to tell about their journey to creative freedom and for Michael Hanson, Humanize You’s founder, the tale is one of an archetypally familiar hero.  His fork in the road came with a life-changing medical diagnosis for his son.  Insert the conflict of a management engineered evaporation of his corporate marketing role, and Michael found himself opened up to possibilities and the challenge of what to do. The innate human need to create meaningful work and make a difference found fertile ground and was given full heed.   Using film as his medium, Michael set about sparking deeper connections with markets by guiding businesses and brands to a more evolved way of marketing their messages.

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If I could Trouble You to get out of your BMW…

“Sometimes no matter how successful we get, we still don’t feel fulfilled. I have had the privilege of meeting some real money makers in my time as a director. When I was interviewing Peter to do this film I felt every word he said, sometimes we neglect the people that matter most and as a result we end up feeling empty when success arrives. This film is a reminder that we must stay true to ourselves by staying connected to ourselves. We get caught up in the “outer” to fill us up, money, achievements, Read more

Your Story Is Everything!

Here’s a quote from Fertility First on our latest film:

The one thing that breaks my heart about the reproductive industry is the fact that it’s called an industry in the first place. It is no longer about helping couples who got a problem solve their problem – in this case have a baby.  – Dr. Anne Clark, Fertility First Sydney

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[VIDEO] Brisbane Case Study: Absolute Domestics

Absolute Domestics was built from the ground up with a vision to support families. In the beginning, all they really wanted was to have a handful of clients to support. Today, Absolute Domestics has grown to be the biggest cleaning agency in Australia – serving suburbs and cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney all across the country.

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Twitter Implements In-App Video Sharing

Twitter recently added a video feature that allows users to share their story in 3 simple steps (shoot > edit > share) – all of which can be done from within the app itself. This new mobile video feature from Twitter allows its users to share footage up to 30 seconds long (beat that Instagram and Vine!).

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The Pros (and Cons) of Video Production in Brisbane

Often times, I find that many Brisbane-based businesses fall short in terms of putting a number of important factors into consideration when planning for their corporate videos. These factors are as critically important as determining your story as they contribute a lot towards smooth-sailing video productions which will partially determine your end result.

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Location Can Make or Break Your Film

Location, location, location — perhaps you’ve heard of phrase enough and may wonder what it actually means. In the film business, location is a crucial part of the whole process of making a successful film. Location selection can increase or decrease the value of any film produced which makes scouting an integral part of ensuring the success of your film, however this can certainly pose as a great challenge for some.

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Stop Trying To Make Your Videos Go Viral!

The Strike video is MHTV’s latest project – a campaign that was fun and really enjoyable to direct and shoot.

One of the things that we’re finding is that a lot of companies are wanting to go viral with their videos. What I feel companies should be working on more is creating targeted educational videos that connect and build trust in the marketplace which doesn’t necessarily have to scream worldwide domination. Where I feel these type of videos work really well is with their current market and future prospects.

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