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Our Why

 Michael Hanson // Film Director

Storytelling and Human Psychology are the driving forces in my pursuit to push the boundaries of what can be achieved through filmmaking and cinematography. Your story is the biggest currency you own. It’s also the hardest to tell but when you do tell your story it reignites purpose, gives direction, deepens meaning and creates a higher value to your life and that of others.


Create. Feel. Connect.

We are increasingly disconnected, despite having more means than ever before to be connected. What’s required is greater humanity and honesty in our communication – personal or public – to build those connections. Humanize You is obsessed with helping you craft your story to create awareness, inspire others and instigate change for the better.


Your story is the biggest currency you own.

Our How

Combining razor sharp cinematography, storytelling and human psychology, we extract the human element behind businesses and corporate brands to reconnect them with the people they serve. Michael Hanson attracts the very best creative and technical talent in Australia to collaborate with, and each team member is handpicked based on who can best serve our clients vision for each specific project.  The time and resources dedicated to each project means MichaelHanson.TV’s shooting schedule is often booked months in advance, please enquire today to see when our next filming slot is available.


Case Studies

No one can sell your products and services better than happy past clients. When you need to communicate the true value of your business, heart-felt stories of real-life results, spoken by real customers will give your customers confidence in your company. Enquire here


Corporate Documentaries

Humanise your business and connect with the people you serve by sharing the story behind the corporate logo. People like to do business with people, and our corporate documentaries are the perfect vehicle to communicate the real passion, purpose, and people that drive your company.Tell us your story here


Talking Hearts Series

Want to become the leading authority in your industry? The Talking Hearts series is your own online TV series. This package of short videos is the perfect platform to deliver fresh, consistent content to your target audience and boost traffic to your website through YouTube, SEO, and Social Media. Enquire here.


Your Idea

Have a unique project you want to bring to life? Our world-class filmmakers can deliver stunning productions for training and induction courses, promotional videos, TV commercials, and video animation. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Enquire today to discuss your video ideas.


People are the ones that make stories come to life.
Here are some of whom we've had the privilege of working alongside with.

Porsche Gold Coast – Cayman 2013


VIDEO: Porsche Cayman 2013

With the release of the Cayman’s 2013 edition, Porsche Gold Coast wanted to share the story behind this elegant masterpiece as a part of the unveiling event.

Client: Porsche Gold Coast


Twice Shot

Twice Shot


VIDEO: Suicide Prevention – Twice Shot

Client : Twice Shot | QLD Police

Blackbelt Case Study


VIDEO: Blackbelt – A Case Study

Combining beautifully shot cinematography, dramatic musical composition and a compelling narrative spoken by Taki’s client, Laurence Tham, we were able to create a Case Study Video that instantly engages and captivates.

Client : Taki Moore | Blackbelt

5×5 Web Design


VIDEO: Five by Five Passion Story

Five by Five is a digital marketing agency in Miami, QLD (the brilliant minds behind the MHTV website).

Filming on a regular sunny day at the Five by Five office, we were able to get a number of amazing shots which – put together – has turned into a story that shows the design and creation process of the 5×5 Team in creating stunning websites.

Client: Five by Five Online Marketing

Mercedes-Benz C-Class


VIDEO : Mercedes-Benz C-Class Launch

The launch of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class came just in time with the completion of the renovations of the MB dealership in Toorak, Victoria. It was a lovely evening filled with great people – our aim was to show the glitz and the glamour while also revealing the authenticity and heart that is found behind the dealership. Their dealership serves as a great centrepoint where likeminded people in business get to meet and get to know each other.

The renovations, the inception of a new principal, and new operating principles matched the characteristics of the new C-Class which were all captured through interviews and stunning visuals.

Client : Mercedes-Benz Toorak

NQ Tropical Concrete



Filmed at the MacArthur River Mine, this piece was created to show how NQTC works towards constantly enriching the lives of people within surrounding communities through maintaining a sustainable environment, providing opportunities for locals to work closer to home, and encouraging young ones to dream.

Client: North Queensland Tropical Concrete

Blackbelt Coach


VIDEO: The Blackbelt Coach

Taki Moore is renowned as the World’s #1 Business and Executive Coach Lead Generation Expert, also known as the “MacGyver of Marketing”. Taki works with business and executive coaches who are frustrated with not having enough clients. Being able to tell such a great story about one of the top coaching thought leaders has been such an inspiring journey.

This video was shot at the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia.

Client: Taki Moore

Strike Alpha Promo Video


VIDEO : Strike Alpha Training Video

Strike Group Australia wanted to create a humorous yet educational promo video targeted towards current and new product resellers to help educate them on the benefits and use of the Strike Alpha Cradle.  With such a crazy bunch of guys to work with, this fun video production project is something we shall always look back to and will look forward to doing more of.

Client : Strike Group Australia

Aeropower Flight School


VIDEO: Flight

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return. – Leonardo Da Vinci

This piece was created to guide its viewers to understand how helicopters are undoubtedly the most sensitive, challenging, and exciting airborne machines to tame and how the decision to learn to fly is not a light one yet a great achievement once conquered.

Client: Aeropower Flight School

Our Leaders


VIDEO : Our Leaders

Tarran Deane is a corporate speaker, an executive coach who loves working with leaders, entrepreneurs, and change makers.

It makes us so happy and proud to have been able to support her in bringing out the true essence of her story for the world to feel.

One of the great things about Tarran is that she’s constantly fighting for our world leaders, to be recognised, to be supported and to be protected. She has a heart of gold.

Client: Tarran Deane | Corporate Cinderella

Fertility First


VIDEO : Fertility First

Bearing a child is one of the most precious moments a couple can ever have; With Dr. Anne Clark’s holistic approach, she has dedicated her practice into supporting those with fertility issues.

CLIENT : Fertility First, Sydney



VIDEO: Arborist

Michael Spence has been an arborist for over 10 years. 3 years ago, Michael had a chainsaw mishap as a result of wanting to do too much himself. A hundred stitches and a few months later, he made it his mission to make sure it never happened again to himself nor to anyone else.

Client: Frontier Tree Services

Cabinets Online


VIDEO: Cabinets Online Corporate Documentary

To overcome a lot of the misconceptions that are given towards Cabinets Online’s business model, our production team conceptualised this piece to not only show the soul authenticity of the humans behind the business but also clearly communicate the purpose and essence of the company.

Client: Cabinets Online

Hornsby Mazda


VIDEO: Hornsby Mazda

As one of the trusted brands in the automotive industry, we aimed to show a more human side to the family-owned Mazda dealership situated at the heart of Hornsby Australia. The feeling of warmth can be instantly felt from the very first moment that you step into the dealership which a lot of businesses now fail to nurture. It was lovely to meet the owner and staff who had really great stories to share about the dealership and their clients.

Client: Hornsby Mazda

Time | Absolute Domestics


VIDEO : Time For You

Director/Cinematographer: Michael Hanson
Production Assistant: Grant Bell
Film Editor: Michael Hanson | Haley Stibbard
Production Company: Michael Hanson TV

Client : Absolute Domestics

Ladybird Home Loans


VIDEO: Ladybird Home Loans

This piece was created to tell the story of a local financial services firm. Being a part of an industry which is usually cluttered with numbers and finance jargon, this was put together to humanise the contribution they have to the people and communities they serve as well as to break down the barriers and perceptions from a consumers’ perspective as to what a credit advisor is and what they do.

Client: Wayne Marks | Ladybird Home Loans

A Coaches Journey


VIDEO: A Coaches Journey

Daniel and Daina are personal fitness trainers who work towards a deeper cause. They aim to change the way that people perceive themselves through their body. Their message is filled with truth that should be heard by everyone especially our youth today who mostly seem to be blinded by the stereotype that pop culture promotes in terms of understanding the true essence of beauty.

Client: FitLife

Silver Circle


VIDEO: Silver Circle

Fast Web Formula is an annual Internet Marketing Workshop that people fly in from all over the world to attend. James Schramko, a renowed internet marketing guru is well respected by a lot of entrepreneurs for his knowledge and know-how in his field. We found a deeper connection towards working with entrepreneurs with integrity and a strong purpose to make a difference in people’s lives. The true art is not just in telling stories, but in finding the right stories to tell.

Client: James Schramko | Super Fast Business

Loren’s Story


VIDEO: Loren’s Story

Creating Loren’s film portrait has been an absolute privilege. She is a person with a lot of bravery and courage, and the realness of her story was something we really wanted to capture for her.

Director/Cinematographer: Michael Hanson
Film Editor: Michael Hanson
Scriptwriter: Steven Hammon
Production Company: Michael Hanson TV

Client: Loren Downing | Sync or Swim

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